“Professional Athletes Have Coaches. Why Not Everyone Else?”

Atul Gawande is a world-renown surgeon who has published a thought-provoking article on the need for coaches in all professional areas.  After plateauing in his own practice after 7 years, he realized that if he wanted to stay at the top of his game and on the cutting edge of medicine he was going to have to get a coach.  And that’s exactly what he did to refine and improve his work.

The first link is the his article published in the New Yorker and the second is his interview on the article with NPR.

New Yorker article: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/10/03/111003fa_fact_gawande

NPR Interview: http://www.npr.org/2011/09/27/140849085/pro-athletes-have-coaches-why-not-everyone-else


I hope you’ll take a few moments to read through this article and think about the areas in your teaching that you have made personal goals this year.  As we approach the New Year, I believe it is just as important to make professional resolutions, as well as personal.  I hope this provides you the opportunity for thoughtful reflection of your own practice and if there is any way I can help in you achieving your goals, please let me know.  



Keepers of the Flame

Keepers of the Flame

This is an inspirational video written and illustrated by Peter and Paul Reynolds as they give credit to the incredible work of teachers.  Undoubtedly, each of you are certainly “keepers of the flame”.  I invite you to share your stories or that of a colleague on this site.  In our profession the criticism seems to come easier than the praise, but there is SO MUCH good to highlighted each and every day in all you do.  THANK YOU!