“It Feels Like Education Malpractice”

“It Feels Like Education Malpractice”

This is an intriguing article that expresses the opinions and views of a former fashion designer-turned-teacher, who also ended up leaving education because of the brokenness of the system. As a person who has never left the classroom, I always find it insightful to see others’ views of the work we do.  From student to professional…it’s all I know.  While the article is depressing to an extent, it goes to show the incredible and truly miraculous work you do each day to make education “work” for kids in a system that often doesn’t.  Hats off to you.  Just as this article shows, not everyone can handle it.  Those who can and who stay with the profession are a special and elite lot.  They are each of you.

Analyzing Text for Structure

Analyzing Text for Structure

Can We Save the Tiger? is a great mentor text to use to help students explore different types of structures in their writing and have them analyze why authors make certain decisions around structure in their own text.  Additionally, this text examines human impact on animals so would be a great text to pair with “Gorillas” and “Polar Problems” shared at FLiP training on Friday.

4th Grade Student at Graden Wins Greg Tang Math Challenge

Just wanted to share some fun news!  One of the 4th grade teachers at Graden, Emily Aull, gave her students Greg Tang’s Math Challenge over Winter Break and they just learned that out 3,300 entries, one of her students was chosen as the 4th grade winner of a personally autographed book by Greg Tang!  So fun!  See the link below to view all 6 winners from across the country!