University of Georgia Player’s Journey to Becoming a Reader

This video is just amazing on so many levels and can be used in your classrooms for a variety of reasons.  Life lessons when addressing theme, showing grit in the midst of difficulty, the power of reading and community… I could go on and on.  Even if you do not use this in your classroom, I hope the story unto itself warms your heart and inspires you on some level personally or professionally. We all have talents and those areas in our lives that we are naturally inclined to because they are comfortable, but where are we uncomfortable?  Where do we need to step outside our box, get gritty, and try something new that we’ve avoided because it scares or intimidates us?

Interviewer: “Have you seen the footage of you scoring touchdowns?  That’s not your most proud moment?”

Malcolm Mitchell:  “That came natural.  That’s a gift.  I had to work to read.”

Talk about GRIT! Ah!  I just love, love, love it!

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