Conferring Toolkit Blog Series


Exciting news!  The Two Writing Teachers blog is hosting another blog series, this time on conferring toolkits. Topics in this series include how to build one and helpful resources to include in yours.  For an outline of each day see below:

Monday, May 4th:  using class stories and shared writing in your toolkit

Tuesday, May 5th:  supplies to include

Wednesday, May 6th: “cheat sheets” for conferring

Thursday, May 7th: the power of visuals when conferring

Friday, May 8th: record-keeping tools

Saturday, May 9th: using mentor-texts and student writing in a toolkit

Sunday, May 10th: weekly recap with added bonuses

Monday, May 11th: Twitter chat from 8:30-9:30 with #TWTBlog

You’ll remember in February I learned of their “Aim Higher” series around goal-setting and learned so much!  I’m excited to be on the front end of this one and get experience it throughout the week.  While it focuses on writing, much can be adapted to work for reading as well.  I know we are at the time of year where we are already thinking about next.  I hope you’ll join in the fun, gathering and sharing ideas to get yours built for this fall!

Below are the links to the first two entries of the blog series:

Introduction and Overview:

Using shared and class-created texts:

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