Launching Paper and Passion

We are so excited to launch our new blog, Paper and Passion! At Paper and Passion we strive to inspire fellow educators to empower their students through writing. Our goal is to help our readers identify resources, lesson ideas and books that will motivate students to action and inspire voice in their communities.

Meet the fingers pounding away behind each post:

Sarah Tate teaches English to some pretty cool kids at an inner city high school in Springfield, MO. She has been teaching for the past 10 years and earned her MSED in Secondary Education English from Missouri State University in 2009. When Sarah isn’t teaching, or scouring the internet for lesson ideas, she can be caught spending time with her two beautiful daughters, drinking way too much coffee, reading YA Literature, running, or eating sweets. She also has a fantastic husband, a fluffy dog, and a mean cat.


Melanie Fuemmeler is a K-5 instructional coach in Kansas City, MO.  She is housed in two traditional elementary schools and her district’s alternative school for students K-12.  Her opportunity to work with students and teachers alike fills her teaching soul in ways she could never have imagined when entering this profession.  She has been teaching for 12 years and earned her MA in Educational Technology and a Specialist in Elementary Administration.  Outside the world of education, Melanie enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her son and daughter, who are at the magical ages of 1 and 2.  She has a permanent fixture on her nightstand that is an impossibly high stack of books she’s committed to reading, no matter how long it takes.  She also loves to run and shake her head at the antics of her two dogs- a 60-pound chocolate lab who thinks he’s a lap dog and a 6-pound Maltipoo that thinks she’s the leader of neighborhood protection unit.


We are thrilled you have chosen to follow us in the trenches as we navigate all that it means to raise a generation of students empassioned to be change makers in their communities, and therefore the world.  It takes a village.  Welcome to the table.

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