March Slice of Life Story Challenge 

Every spring the blog, Two Writing Teachers hosts a challenge for teachers and student alike to write each day.  The only requirement is that the writing is about a “slice” or peek into or moment of your life. You pick the topic, the structure, everything else. If you choose to take up the challenge you not only post your writing, but read three others and respond. 

The goals are two-fold- to develop an international writing community and reaqaint each participant with the process of writing.  Each spring I consider making this commitment and only once have I taken it on with less than stellar results. I think I wrote only 5 times during the month long challenge. True confessions of a wanna-be writer! 

So, here I (we) go again! I’m not making any promises, but now that this is a joint blog with Sarah by my side I’m more confident in doing this better this time around!  And we are so excited to write together for an entire month! 

If you’d like to be a fellow slicer check out the link below! You can also go to the blog’s homepage for more information about participating as an adult or for your students! 

Better Late Than Never

We hope you’ll come along for the ride! 

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