March #SOL17- Day 2

The cliches came true the day you were born.

I tried to avoid them like I’d been told.

But before I knew it you grew too fast,          

All while I was growing old.

Your baby blues, deep as the sea, 

reached my soul when you gazed in my eyes. 

My mama armour had been earned.

I’d comfort your weepy cries.

Time began flying as it always does. 
There was nothing to do to slow it. 

I knew better, I tried not to blink.  

A tear slid down my cheek, but I didn’t show it. 

Money didn’t grow on trees, 

but we were spending like it did. 

Diapers and wipes and formula and food!

How much more for just one kid?!?!
It took a village, all hands were on deck. 

We couldn’t have survived alone. 

My mother was my best friend 

and a new member of our home! 
The days turned into months

and months into a year. 

Which brings us to this very day-

Happy first, my son, my dear. 

My dream for you- to aim for the stars,
to grow into all you can be. 

You can’t please everyone and you will fail,

but you just need the faith of a mustard seed. 

So strap those shoes to your newly walking feet,

and know we’ll always be in your corner. 

Climb those mountains, blaze unknown trails!  

This world has a new explorer!  

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