March #SOL17 Day 3

Haircuts and Humanity

I saw you in the hair salon, an unsuspecting place.  I, a mother with her babe, clumsily entertaining her toddler and conversing with the stylist at the same time.  Blonde tresses fall to the floor as I ramble about a hectic holiday.

Woe is me!  I talk too loudly.  If you knew me well, you wouldn’t be surprised by this.  You try impossibly not to hear me.  Sideways glances and small smirks reveal your eavesdropping.  I don’t mind.  Sometimes you need to escape your own life and slip, if only momentarily, into someone else’s.

Seven days later our roles reverse.  I am now childless sitting in the chair and you are cradling your son.  His first haircut.  I don’t have to eavesdrop because you immediately invite me in.

“Do you mind taking a few pictures?”

And instantly, I’m in your world.  We easily talk birthday cakes and kid apps.  I make silly faces at Miles as if he’s my own. A stranger, I manage to produce a few smiles, snapping quickly to capture them for you.

Peeking through the pixelated screen at the perfect flesh born from your body.  He’s your whole heart.  And you entrusted me, a stranger, a mother, to capture this moment.  I hope I did okay.

Strangers.  Mothers.  Not strangers at all.  Our worlds are one in the same.

Surely we shall meet again.