March #SOL17 Day 3

Haircuts and Humanity

I saw you in the hair salon, an unsuspecting place.  I, a mother with her babe, clumsily entertaining her toddler and conversing with the stylist at the same time.  Blonde tresses fall to the floor as I ramble about a hectic holiday.

Woe is me!  I talk too loudly.  If you knew me well, you wouldn’t be surprised by this.  You try impossibly not to hear me.  Sideways glances and small smirks reveal your eavesdropping.  I don’t mind.  Sometimes you need to escape your own life and slip, if only momentarily, into someone else’s.

Seven days later our roles reverse.  I am now childless sitting in the chair and you are cradling your son.  His first haircut.  I don’t have to eavesdrop because you immediately invite me in.

“Do you mind taking a few pictures?”

And instantly, I’m in your world.  We easily talk birthday cakes and kid apps.  I make silly faces at Miles as if he’s my own. A stranger, I manage to produce a few smiles, snapping quickly to capture them for you.

Peeking through the pixelated screen at the perfect flesh born from your body.  He’s your whole heart.  And you entrusted me, a stranger, a mother, to capture this moment.  I hope I did okay.

Strangers.  Mothers.  Not strangers at all.  Our worlds are one in the same.

Surely we shall meet again.

One thought on “March #SOL17 Day 3

  1. I totally identified with your story and because of the details you used, I feel like i was there with you! My kids (15 and 11) are often embarrassed by my ability to connect with strangers, but we are not strangers, we are moms. Thanks for sharing your story.

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