Crashing Through Comfort Zones: Finale


new beginning

I’ve become painfully aware of the past week how demanding daily blogging can be.  As I sit at home today with a sick son, I’m finishing up my blog series.  Indeed, a few days late. Thank you for being patient.  As the members of the district I work in attend convocation this morning, I’m gathering some rousing words of my own to energize me for the year.


This week we embark on “Back to School” week and become inundated with apples, pencils, excessive wine consumption memes, and lethargic children, we need quiet.  Quiet to recharge, quiet to reflect, quiet to create a vision that focuses us in the madness.

This weekend I had the opportunity to have Saturday morning coffee (or bloody marys…) with two of the fiercest women I know.  They are not complacent, and because they are not complacent they see deeper, think stronger, envision greater.  Which also means they challenge uncomfortably and meaningfully.  I’m privileged to get to sit in this intellectual space. So as the new school year dawns, and I think about space and place, I’m making a conscious effort to fine new ones.  To seek out opportunities never before capitalized upon, growing my boundaries both literally and figuratively.   Part of my reimagine mission, includes reimagining myself.  We are built by our unique experiences.  I’m spending this year seeking them out.  I’m not waiting for them to come to me.

I’ve already got three lined up:

All events are free and welcome the entire community.  I’d encourage you to join me if any pique your interest.

I’ve also made the decision to give up television this fall.  For me this space and place breeds passivity in my life.  Complacency lurks here.  I have four 300+ page books I want to read.  I thought I’d get them read over the summer, but that didn’t happen so I’m saying goodbye to the screen.  These books are focused around community, activism, and truth. The television will never offer me that.  Even in a place as comfortable as my home, I reimagining what it looks like–what potential can exist here?

Whether you crash through your comfort zone blindly as I did with summer school, or stick one toe out in the vast waters of the ocean, I encourage each of you to truly reimagine what this year could be for you personally or professionally.  What’s that itch you’ve always had?  What’s keeping it from happening?  Who could help me scratch that itch and bring it to life?  Think beyond your comfortable circle.  Find new people, make connections, dare to think differently, and in doing so you’ll expand your tribe.  You’ll create one that raises the bar for possibilities, and stomps over every roadblock along the way, because we are doing the damn thing.  Whatever the thing is, we. are. doing. it.

The human existence was not made for boxes and boundaries.  If you do nothing else, be keenly aware of where these exist, and who’s putting them there.  Am I putting myself in this box or someone else or a system?  Does it have to be this way?  What does it look like to break down this box, enlarge this boundary?  Does it need to be here at all?

What does effective action look like?  And then take it!

Because in the words of  Denis Waitley, “The real risk is doing nothing.”


new adventures



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