KC Kids Unite Has a New (Digital) Space


When one door closes another opens.

After much consideration, I have decided to let my blog, Paper and Passion, rest.  In all honestly, it’s been resting for a while, yet remained a constant in my head to return to it and I simply can’t find the time or energy.  It’s time to leave the weight of that constantly lingering expectation go.  But, this is not the end…

As I have posted on social media the last couple weeks, my passion project, KC Kids Unite, is getting more feet underneath it each year, and with our exciting new partnership with the Nelson-Atkins Museum we have much to share!  So, while Paper and Passion rests, the new KC Kids Unite blog awaits bright-eyed with energy and promise on the horizon!

So, what is KC Kids Unite?  Let me share!

  • KC Kids Unite is a community collaboration and celebration for school-aged children grades 2-6.
  • KC Kids Unite promotes community connectedness and youth activism to create bridges, not walls, through shared personal stories, art and literacy.
  • KC Kids Unite accepts 12 teachers annually across the Kansas City metro area to participate in this work with their students.
  • Participating classrooms partner with other urban and suburban classrooms across the city to engage in civic and community centered conversations through age appropriate literature, and develop art and original writing to share their story with others.
  • Participating teachers receive 12 hours of professional development focused toward KC’s unique racial history, culturally responsive teaching, 21st century collaboration, art literacy, student centered learning and engagement strategies, and project development with their partnering teacher.  For this work teachers receive a $75 stipend for their time.
  • Participating students and teachers join together in May for a city-wide art and writing celebration to be held at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  This once in a lifetime field trip creates an opportunity for all participants to meet and student work to be shared across the city.  Student art will be showcased at the museum and student writing shared through our podcast (more on that in a later post) and the open-mic portion of our May writing celebration.

How do I get involved?

Applications are being accepted now through October 5th.  You can apply at the following link: KC Kids Unite Application.  Apply now and share with your friends!  We CANNOT WAIT to get this year started!  Check out the work below created from past students.  More to come!

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