More From Week 1: Family History Research and Where I’m From Poems



One of the things I love most about this work is that while there is a provided curriculum, all the work manifests itself in its own way within the classroom.  So much of what happens in these three weeks is what we wish could happen all year– being provided guiding resources with the autonomy to bring the art and life of teaching into the classroom in the way we best see fit for our students.  KC Kids Unite believes in the power of professional judgement and freedom.  Teachers are THE experts in their field, and we work to center them as such in our approach to this project.  Thank you for taking the time to look at the student work being created in classrooms by these very experts and their brilliant students.  As I read through the work, I’m always inspired to go learn more about my family’s history and traditions, and dig deeper into who I am as well.  I wish the same for you.

More poetry inspired by George Ella Lyon:

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Family history and traditions research slides:

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