The Best Part of Me: Honoring Self and Identity


This is the exact message we aim to instill within students during the second week of KC Kids Unite.  During this week, students examine identity through the lens of redefining conventional beauty and breaking down commonly assumed stereotypes by sharing pieces of their own story.  They begin to unearth these ideas and beliefs through a series of questions:

  • What does it mean to look closely?  
  • Why is looking closely so important in life?  
  • What are things you look at closely in your world?  
  • What do we miss in the world due to distraction and screens?
  • What do you see in others when you look closely?
  • What do you see in yourself when you look closely?

Students write and discuss with their peers thoughts and responses to these questions.  Then, reading The Best Part of My by Wendy Ewald, students are inspired to write about the best part of themselves from the stance of taking action or a feature that makes them the wonderfully unique human they are.  KC Kids Unite believes that developing a strong sense of self in our youth is one of the most critical steps we take in sharing our stories and voices with confidence. Sometimes the initial utterance is a quiet, shaky one, but nonetheless it was spoken, not silenced.  Check out the very best parts our KC kids!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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