Teaching Tolerance Website

Teaching Tolerance Website

Hey all–I stumbled upon a website today that is, in a word, fantastic!  It is a site full of free resources and activities regarding bullying, racism, immigration, and all forms of marginalization we see in our world in general.  The activities are focused around helping our students learn and show tolerance for all types of diversity they see in the world.  The site also publishes a magazine twice a year, which again, as an educator you can get for free.  They have an app you can download to get immediate access to the articles in the magazine.  Whether you are dealing with these issues in your classroom, or teaching them in the context of our historical past, these are very powerful resources that you have at your fingertips for no charge.  This is something you could share with your counselors as well, as they would find in beneficial too.

Just wanted to pass along this resource to you in the hopes that you can find it helpful at some level.  

Children’s and Picture Books for Teaching Science Concepts

I just stumbled upon this little gem that I wanted to share.  This is a comprehensive list of children’s texts and picture books that cover science standards K-6.  It is endorsed by NSTA (National Science Teachers Association).  In my newsletter when I refer to the Science lessons and experiments I have as resources, two of the books I pull from are Picture Perfect Science Lessons and More Picture Perfect Science Lessons, also created by NSTA around the 5E model of inquiry.  In each lesson it gives book suggestions, but this list includes many more.   As you prepare to spend budget money, it may be worth while to get some of these books in your classroom to have more nonfiction and resources to help you in teaching science content.  The hyperlink to the PDF is below.  Enjoy!


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